Ultranews #04


Are you looking for an unusual meeting or event space?
Ultraspazio Regio Parco is much more than what its mere name implies.

Light filters through the large windows of a former industrial shed. It illuminates – with the last ray of sunlight, on an afternoon poised between the tail end of a mild winter and the rebirth of an eagerly awaited spring – one of the corners of the large wooden table, placed in the middle of an equally large room.

We are in via Regaldi 7 in Turin. On an ordinary day, in an ordinary week. And we are inside one of the warehouses, among that entrenched series of ex-productive buildings that, on the edge of Scalo Vanchiglia, cluster at the end of a dead-end street. To date, this place is one of the few concrete evidences of a promise of urban transformation, which has as much prospect as palpable (and unfulfilled) expectation.

The shed in Via Regaldi 7 has been lucky and for 22 years has found a way to give a second life to the walls that have hosted so many days of factory work. Today, it is home to the creative studio Bellissimo1998.com and the innovative project TorinoStratosferica, born to create value, starting with the narrative that the Turinese themselves should always make of their city.

There is no space that could better suit the business reality that runs it. The Blue Loft, in which we find ourselves, is the other wing of the hybrid environment dedicated to the structure’s more than 25 employees. It is an empty-full. A space that dresses itself thanks to the uses that people make of it and that, precisely from the grafting of new functions, fills that sense of vague lack still perceptible in the background, bequeathed by a past of manual skills and dedication. For 22 years now, at 7 Via Regaldi, a new past has been layering on top of the past.

The walls, which welcome us, tell us in every detail the steps of a transformation. Here, where directors have come to shoot film clips and series for the small screen; here, where more than one advertising executive has decided to shoot a commercial; here, where student workshops, professional meetings, debates and focus groups have been held; here, every object narrates the stages of a mutation, which has taken place step by step, in a long happy home.

No piece of furniture can be bought in an interior design warehouse: chairs, tables, seats, paintings, books, plants… each object is part of a different experience. Which Bellissimo’s designers and creatives themselves have contributed to creating, with their own flair, by furnishing the Loft little by little. Or that guests have layered, leaving objects, volumes, drawings. An inscription on a blackboard. A sketch on a large sheet of paper, witnessing the work of a few days ago. To enter this space, in short, is to participate in its history. It means participating in a creation. To imagine an event. Using the spirit that hovers in the place to discuss, confront, invent, think, debate, share.

Do you also want to be part of the history of this space? Would you like to organise an event here?

You have the chance!