Ultranews #05

With a hackathon, Omnia Torino and SITUnito return to the Ultraspazio Club

Omnia Torino, the Turin-based under-35 youth association, is organising a Hackathon on 17 June on the themes of ‘Environment, Widespread Culture, Gener/action and Smart City’ a major training and information event and active involvement.

Omnia Torino is a youth association of Turin residents under 35 who want to imagine – and realise – the future of Turin through 4 areas: Environment (from urban greenery to drought), Widespread culture (a culture that develops in all neighbourhoods), Gener/action (listening and participation of young people), Smart City (networks, enterprises, innovation and European projects)

As an association, it addresses these issues through research, social columns and projects with local actors: the latter category includes TOwards Smart City, developed with the SITUnito association.

The project stems from the need to inform and involve Turin citizens and students on the topic of Smart Cities, declined through Nature Based Solutions.

The target audience interested in this theme is very wide, but the initiatives will be mainly addressed to the 18-35 age group. The first objective is to inform and educate the target group on the importance of the topic using innovative methods. Subsequently, the objective is active involvement through impact initiatives and meetings: the hackathon on 17 June at Ultraspazio Club, Via San Francesco da Paola 17, is a first and fundamental step.

Registration is now open: REGISTER HERE

For more information write to omniatorino@gmail.com or follow Omnia on its social channels Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn