Ultranews #11


From September, La Famiglia Skrokkiazeppi, the new animated series by Animatò, the production company set up in Turin in 2020 and based at ULTRASPAZIO TECH in VIA CERNAIA 27, will be on RaiPlay.

Animatò, a Turin-based production company established to provide space for young talent and new ideas, relies on the services of ULTRASPAZIO to develop and produce Italian animation projects for European television.

On air since last September, its first TV series: La Famiglia Skrokkiazeppi, a co-production with the French Je Suis Bien Content and Watch Next Media, can be seen on the Raiplay platform http://www.raiplay.it/programmi/lafamigliaskrokkiazeppie and on television on RAI Gulp at 1.45pm and 6.45pm.

Let yourself be drawn into the adventures of a “quiet” family of Trolls forced to move from the countryside to live in a crowded city neighbourhood full of appetising human beings. Their daily challenge? Living incognito and accepting differences, without ever forgetting their own identity. Original design, hilarious adventures and biting cynicism, for a comedy not to be missed.

Click here to go to https://www.anima.to.it/