Ultradistrict Living Lab develops the model of widespread coworking, as an initiative to free people from unnecessary movements and to contrast pollution, using two macro activities:

ULTRAPP: the digital platform that geolocalizes and allows access to shared workplaces, detects the presence of people inside the premises, indicates the energies and resources of the neighborhood in which the coworking is located and with which to interact, sustainable mobility services, commercial activities and cultural entertainment initiatives present in the area or developed in the coworking community;

ULTRAHABITAT: the concept for the conversion of buildings or parts of them for office use in an innovative and sustainable way. In particular, priority is given to the use of recyclable and long-lasting materials, the production of energy from renewable sources, the use of smog-eating paints and vegetation, and the reuse of vacant spaces and places.

The Living Lab process is divided into 4 phases that will take place in the form of workshops where workers and potential new users (residents of the neighborhood, social, cultural and commercial operators, …) who have not yet come into contact and relationship with the community will be involved and interviewed.


The goal of the project is to open new avenues for smart working, while offering innovative solutions for a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable city.

Benefiting from this project will be:

A beneficiare di questo progetto saranno:


private and public companies

coworking space managers

neighborhood commercial activities


Ultradistrict Living Lab, a project aimed at creating a real model of circular
economy and proximity implemented through two macro-actions.

The two planned macro-actions are:


An interactive tool that will allow the user to geolocate all the coworking spaces in the city, in order to choose the most suitable for their needs in the long and short term.
The app detects the coworking space closest to your home or to the needs of the day, it indicates the capacity, type and cost, the number of presences within it, the availability of parking, suggests ways to move eco-sustainable and allows you to book in real time a room, a workstation or even just the meeting room for the time needed.

Thanks to the app, coworkers, as well as the citizens of the village, will be able to know the different resources in the individual neighborhoods in a virtuous territorial network.

In this way they will be able to better organize themselves, manage their movements in an intelligent way, build new relationships and contribute concretely to the economy of the small realities of the neighborhood. Also in this case you can book and pay in real time for the requested service through the app, contributing to new practices of sharing economy that enhance the social fabric and urban regeneration.


The ULTRAHABITAT concept is aimed at converting office buildings in an innovative and sustainable way, also in compliance with the new regulations imposed
by Covid-19.
The aim is to create places that are healthy, safe and anti-pollution thanks to various solutions such as “smog-eating” paints, bio-technological green filters, production of energy from renewable sources, use of recyclable and long-lasting materials. The concept will be applicable to relational spaces, meeting rooms, workstations, exhibition halls, event halls and catering areas, and is being tested in order to meet the needs of young creatives, designers and start-ups and the prototypes proposed by the co-creation workshops.