Ultranews #05

The ultraspazio conventions: benefits for all

From Turin, a new system of agreements starts today, made available to all co-workers.

Users of any Ultraspazio facility can take advantage of activated agreements for mobility, food delivery, laundry service and wellness.

The system of agreements made available to all users in the city starts from Turin, the main headquarters of Ultraspazio: gateways to a range of practical services that intersect with everyone’s life.

From today in Turin, users of any Ultraspazio facility can take advantage of agreements activated for mobility, food delivery, laundry services and wellness. Services that can be accessed online from anywhere in the city. To these are added those in operation in the neighbourhoods where the various facilities are located.

To use them, simply request the discount code via the dedicated page, where the list of conventions will always be updated. In fact, the list is a work in progress, the objective of Ultraspazio is to make available an increasingly complete offer that facilitates the life of the entire network according to the principle that sees in “making a system” an advantage for all.

It therefore starts in Turin to then spread the model in all the cities where Ultraspazio is present.

Conventions available at the moment:


SHARENOW, a car sharing service operating 24 hours a day in Turin and other cities. With Ultraspazio free registration + 10€ credit.
LINK, scooter sharing service in Turin and Moncalieri (eco-sustainable mobility). With Ultraspazio 20% discount on scooter rides.


MORSY, balanced in-company meal delivery service at a fixed price. With Ultraspace 8€ cost of each lunch ordered.
BABACO MARKET, delivery service of boxes full of seasonal products in original shapes or overproduction in order to support Italian farmers and reduce food waste. With Ultraspace 25 % discount on the first three orders.


MAMACLEAN, home laundry and ironing service. With Ultraspace: 10% discount on the service and free transport on minimum orders of 20€.


TLS – The Longevity Suite® is the most evolved Biohacking & Antiage City Clinic in Europe, where through integrated, high-performance and high-tech protocols, the client is guided towards the best version of himself Cold, Detox and Consciousness are the heart of the programmes, where the most innovative technologies from the world of wellness and health are integrated in avant-garde protocols to achieve a perfect balance between outer beauty and mental wellbeing.
With Ultraspace: First Longevity consultation free of charge
– 50% on the first Cryosuite Total Body (€ 30),
– 20% on facial and body treatments list (excluding medical, osteopathic and diagnostic tests),
– 10% on product list.