Ultranews #06


Booking an office in London? Now it’s possible. And from the British capital, you can book offices in Turin, Ivrea, Milan, and Treviso. The result is the outcome of an agreement between Turin-based Ultraspazio and eOffice, headquartered in London, which has chosen ULTRAPP® as its space management control platform.

The London coworking giant, eOffice, has selected ULTRAPP®, the digital platform we developed to manage our offices. It allows real-time and on-demand access to coworking services and the neighborhoods that host them, managing around 200 coworking spaces in London and over 100 shared work sites within their international network spread across other countries. The agreement brings with it, for the British, the possibility of reserving the offices of Ultraspazio in Italy and vice versa. Furthermore, the two realities will work together to spread the application in coworking spaces in the city.

The agreement reached is the result of Ultraspazio’s participation in Coworking Europe, an event that brought together industry professionals in Amsterdam in November 2022. Ultraspazio presented the digitized localization and booking process they developed through the adoption of IoT solutions. Thanks to the Ultraspazio Design Team, the company provides a complete digital experience in the use of physical spaces managed through the ULTRAPP® platform (available on the App Store and Play Store), which has gained recognition from the company beyond the English Channel.

“The effectiveness and intuitive use of the digital system we have created allow us to cross national borders by offering office locations in London,” explains Ezio Gaude, co-founder of Ultraspazio. “Potentially, this agreement also allows us to become ambassadors of a management logic that can spread throughout Europe and the world. Ultrapp can be used in any country.”

The concept of working in coworking spaces is gaining more prominence and is transforming the urban context as well. Ultraspazio’s guiding principle is to establish a connection between the workspace and the context provided by the neighborhood and the activities within it, making workdays lighter and more sustainable.

“Since 2016, we have been promoting an innovative concept of ‘proximity economy’ aimed at creating healthy and safe office spaces, as part of our efforts to combat pollution and cater to the needs of users,” concludes Gaude. “Furthermore, with our proposals, we contribute to urban and social activation. The objective is to involve the entire neighborhoods where our offices are located, facilitate the discovery of commercial, recreational, and cultural activities that contribute to a proper balance between professional and personal life.”

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