Ultranews #11


The Ultraspazio network is enriched with new locations and expands its community. Hot desking, open space, offices, meeting rooms, course rooms, recording studios and shooting rooms. Elegant and comfortable places to work, socialise and network. Ultraspazio Off Topic, Ultraspazio San Quintino and Ultraspazio Lanificio are waiting for you.

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Coworking has become a new working style, characterised by sharing one or more spaces with other professionals, whether from the same or totally different sectors. Bringing ideas together for shared projects with other collaborators can help increase productivity and creativity towards new skills.

ULTRASPAZIO OFF TOPIC in Via Giorgio Pallavicino 35 TORINO is the cultural hub of the city of Turin, a project of the Torino Youth Centre. Two rooms await you, designed for events or courses.

ULTRASPAZIO SAN QUINTINO in Via San Quintino 29 is located in the centre of Turin, close to the main railway stations of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa. Two offices including the use of a meeting room and a workstation.

ULTRASPAZIO LANIFICIO in Via Bologna, inside a 40,000 square metre former wool mill complex, offers an office, a recording studio and a room for photo shoots.