By definition, ULTRASPACE aims to reduce distances.

ULTRASPAZIO is the first Italian coworking company with a vocation for the international development of creativity.

We offer SPACES LIKE SERVICES, modular and tailor-made, animated by networking, communication, internationalization and innovation projects. We make sure that our coworkers live and work in a custom-made place with welcoming, connected, open and permeable spaces.

Places that are not only for work, but above all for exchange and professional and business growth through the creation of networks, both in the internal community and in the urban context.

We are committed to increasing the well-being and efficiency of work spaces through the use of natural materials and IoT technologies, supporting the circular economy of the territory and involving Italian excellence in the sector.


Ultraspazio coworking

Ultraspazio PRESS

Ultraspazio DESIGN


We are a group of professionals with the idea of creating a dynamic and open space to welcome professionals in a widespread network that allows exchange of knowledge, collaboration, growth and internationalization.

  • Via Spalato 68, 10141 Torino
  • +39 0113331700

Coworker e Ospiti

Lun-Ven 8.00-20.00 Sab (su richiesta) 9.00-13.00


Lun-Ven 10.00-19.00 (o su appuntamento)


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