Ultranews #04


Ultraspazio is among the protagonists of Torino Digital Days with an event that, on the terrain of infinity, compares AI and faith: Tuesday 9 May, 21:00 – 22:30, in Ultraspazio Club at Palazzo Costa Carrù della Trinità.

Sharing and deepening the new digital trends: this is the aim of Torino Digital Days 2023, an event that Torino will host from 9 to 14 May: six days of workshops, talks, performances dedicated to the virtuous models of the digital world.

Technological innovation, in fact, is one of the pillars on which Turin’s future development is based, and the Torino Digital Days are an opportunity to network the territory’s most dynamic realities. These include Ultraspazio, a pioneer in the development and advancement of smart working systems, which is rightfully among the protagonists of this edition focused on the theme of ‘Sustainable Intelligences’.

On Tuesday 9 May, 21:00 – 22:30, at the Ultraspazio Club in Palazzo Costa Carrù della Trinità, a prestigious venue in Via San Francesco da Paola 17, Ultraspazio will host ‘Algorithms and mysteries‘, an opportunity for meeting, knowledge and reflection on eternity at the time of Artificial Intelligence.

We will discuss how digital metamorphosis, emerging technologies and especially artificial intelligence pose endless questions, especially of a social and economic nature. What answers or directions of thought do those who investigate the infinity of deep space and the infinity that comes from the datum of faith have to share?

On this topic Vittorio Di Tomaso, Partner H-FARM Innovation, will interview Don Luca Peyron, founder and director of the Digital Apostolate Service, theologian and astrophile.

The event will therefore interweave past and future in an exclusive historical building, a place of great charm built in 1769, where innovative projects come together every day, where one projects oneself towards tomorrow within the solid walls of history.

The event is free of charge, reservation required