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Do you have an office asset or a furnished and underutilized office space?

Join  ULTRASPAZIO network of coworking spaces. Through our team and the ULTRAPP application, your office can be easily geolocated and you can keep track of bookings using the tailored back office service. 

Hybrid Working District

Two types of coworking: direct and shared

“Ultraspazio” is a coworking network which, since 2018, has evolved into a hybrid real estate platform, physical and virtual, following the evolution of the concept of working in urban centres, suburban areas and rural areas. The new formula is the Hybrid Working District, which follows the growing working and living needs in extreme flexibility conditions, creating a link between the workplace and the its  neighbourhood and activities.

This formula will be developed in all the country with two different models: of traditional (direct management) and shared.



To cope with the workspaces high demand, Ultraspazio looking for new locations. Us will take care of everything: renovation, office refurbishment and complete place management.



Shared coworking stems from the need to bring the workplace closer to workers’ homes or their centers of business. Hence the idea of identifying and activating coworking spaces with a widespread diffusion throughout the territory using existing and equipped but underutilized offices or accommodations. We will take care of communicating, promoting and digitizing the services of your spaces in such a way as to create a network of offices that allows users to move and work easily close to their home, reducing their transportation  needs and licked carbon fotprint.

The digitazation services

Direct/shared coworking are managed using ULTRAPP digital platform.
The user geolocates the neadeed location and books it in a simple click.
The space manager checks bookings and booked services in the back office. 
Enter the Ultraspazio Real Estate and manage your space comfortably and smartly.

Why Ultraspazio

We select and take care of the costumers for you

We transform your unused property into profit with innovative formulas

Costumer care available for all your needs

Digital management of services

Why Ultraspazio

We select and take care of the costumers for you

We transform your unused property into profit with innovative formulas

Customer Care available for all your needs

Services digital management


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