Ultranews #07


From the Club’s spaces in Palazzo Costa Carrù della Trinità, 17 Via San Francesco da Paola, to all the network’s offices to unusual places, such as restaurants, theaters and cooking schools: Ultraspazio expands its range of services (and experiences) for the network, with a keen eye on finding new places to organize meetings and events. Among the latest agreements signed is the one with Studiofood33, (cooking lab that transforms the cooking experience into a fun and team-building activity).

In September, the offering of innovative spaces within the Ultraspazio network grows, providing opportunities to test activities beyond the confines of traditional work environments.

First and foremost, the network has access to the spaces at Palazzo Costa Carrù della Trinità, located at Via San Francesco da Paola 17, a place of great charm built in 1769. Positioned strategically in the city, it is just a few steps away from the main squares of Turin (Valdo Fusi, Carlina, San Carlo, and Vittorio Veneto).

The palace is owned by Reale Immobili, which has entrusted Ultraspazio with managing a portion of its rooms, while others are dedicated to the educational activities of Reale Group’s Academy. There is a large conference room (available in the late afternoon and evening) equipped with state-of-the-art technology, training and meeting rooms, three lounges to accommodate subgroups, a break area, and a spacious terrace overlooking the inner courtyard. This location offers numerous possibilities for organizing events.

Additionally, Ultraspazio has a partnership with Studiofood33, an innovative cooking school located at Via dei Mille 33. The school not only offers traditional courses but also provides opportunities to organize events, photoshoots, and food-related gaming experiences. The unique 120 sqm environment is not strictly limited to the theme of food. Instead, it harmoniously blends the essence of Studio and Food to create a space suitable for various needs. Upon entering, there is a welcoming area, where aperitifs are usually served, leading to the kitchen area with movable pallet and steel counters. The focal point of the location is the raised main counter, equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and induction cooktops, courtesy of Master Kitchen. The counter is also stocked with signature Sanelli knives and Pedrini pots. For coffee breaks, visitors can enjoy a cup of excellent Club Kavè coffee.


Among the unique locations in our network, the Benvenuto Family restaurant chain has made spaces available within its establishments in Milan, Monza, Venaria Reale, and Rivalta. Through our app, it is possible to book a workspace for a few hours, half a day, or a full day, with hybrid usage formulas suitable for families (including play areas for children).

The work areas in Benvenuto Family restaurants are equipped with furnished rooms, workstations, monitors, and excellent internal comfort (including acoustics). They are ideal for private business lunches, small team meetings, work gatherings, presentations, or simply working for a few hours in an exclusive and tranquil city space, while having access to play areas for accompanying children. This way, kids can have fun while their parents focus on their work.

The service cost ranges from 25 to 75 euros per hour, depending on the size of the reserved space (the number of people using the space does not affect the price). A half day in a “large” room will have a maximum cost of 300 euros. The service is available any day of the week from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM and 8 PM, unless other arrangements are made. Each room can be easily configured according to specific needs.