Ultranews #06


More than just a coworking space where you can rent a shared workstation, the new location at Via Cernaia 27 is a meeting and collaboration hub for innovators and creatives to develop Proptech projects for real estate.

It is a place where architects, innovators, and creatives can come together and work collaboratively to design Proptech solutions for real estate, leveraging technology to serve property management and the need to create value in physical spaces through the provision of services and more. Officially established at Via Cernaia 27, just a stone’s throw away from the high-speed Porta Susa station, Ultraspazio Tech is much more than a mere coworking space for renting shared workstations.

The office, located within a prestigious and beautifully decorated space, serves as an open and cross-disciplinary platform that involves innovators, disseminators, and startups in open innovation projects, applying products and services whose technologies, procedures, and techniques have not yet been commercialized. These spaces were designed to support internationally renowned architectural projects and now serve as a foundation for collaborative initiatives involving different stakeholders within the Ultraspazio ecosystem. “We will utilize this space,” explains Ezio Gaude, “to develop projects and bring together ideas that are useful in responding to calls for proposals from public and private entities. We collaborate with the Polytechnic University of Turin and various hi-tech companies.” Are you a creative individual looking to share your expertise for the future of Proptech? Rent a space with us and become part of our Think Tank.

Discover the location page: ULTRASPAZIO TECH